Who We Are

Zen must be comprehended, not explained. The world is a chaotic place, with a thousand things battling for our attention every day. When you need a refuge, we welcome you to Zen Radio.

Zen Radio was launched in 2019 to offer the world an oasis of soothing, tranquil music to help people everywhere relax, refocus, and find their peace in an ever-tumultuous world. Today we offer 39 channels of curated music from cultures around the world. We invite you to tune in for the perfect soundtrack to help you sleep, study, meditate, relax, connect with nature, and achieve your Zen.

Unlike other internet radio companies, the music at Zen Radio is curated by hand. Each of our master curators are real people who desire to contribute positively to your mindfulness by finding thoughtfully curated music for each of our channels. Their dedication makes Zen Radio a central destination for listeners to find niche music styles from various cultures that are hard to find anywhere else.

In addition to our online listening experience, Zen Radio offers a full suite of free mobile applications. Listeners can enjoy all of our music for free with periodic advertisements, or can upgrade to Zen Radio Premium to hear the best quality sound with no interruptions.